commercial steel engineering

Courtesy of Rutgers Business School

With steel engineering and architecture constantly evolving, we thought this would be a good opportunity to visit some of the newest steel technologies of 2016.  Many people underestimate the amount of ways that residential and commercial structural engineering can be used to effectively personalize almost any structure.  To see a couple examples of how steel technologies are being used today, we will take a look at some of the projects that have earned national recognition this year.

Residential Steel Technology – The Vertical House, Dallas

One of the national awards for 2016 goes to the Vertical House, Dallas.  The uniqueness of this house is attributed to the steel engineering the architects cleverly incorporated.  When people visit the house, they will actually come in at natural grade, then cross over an excavated area by going through an AESS (architecturally exposed structural steel) bridge to get to the entryway.

Not only does the steel technology make the building structurally sound, but it also adds to the visual appearance of the house in general.  With a structure this impressive, you’ve got to have some of the best structural engineers working on your home!

Commercial Steel Technology – Rutgers University Business School

On a commercial scale, the Rutgers University Business School has constructed one of the most impressive buildings in recent memory.  It has garnered national attention thanks to the multiple uses it has because of its design.  The building is used for classrooms, offices and even public spaces for students and faculty to hang out.  It is a massive 150,000-square-foot building that floats over the main road used for campus traffic.

The amount of steel used is impressive enough, but the way the steel was used and incorporated takes it to another level.  Anyone who appreciates architectural designs will be blown away at the challenges the design team faced when building this structure.  You can’t help but look around when you walk by it or under it to get a deeper appreciation of the amount of detail and precision implemented into every piece of construction material!

These are two of the most recent prestigious structures to be developed in a commercial and residential setting.  Whether you are looking to start from scratch or upgrade your business facility, contact us today and see how we can help you make your vision a reality.  Not only do our engineers have years of experience in designing dream structures for people, but they can also help people realize what they want.