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  • University of Michigan, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, 1982-1983, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering
  • University of Michigan, College of Engineering, 1978-1982, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering
  • Villanova University, College of Engineering, 2008, Enrolled in PhD Program in Civil Engineering


  • Structural Engineer, Illinois, #4745, 1988
  • Professional Engineer, Illinois, #43255, 1986
  • Professional Engineer, Alabama, #28973, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Arkansas, 14126, 2010
  • Professional Engineer, Arizona, #37789, 2001
  • Professional Engineer, California, #68563, 2005
  • Professional Engineer, Colorado, #32718, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Connecticut, #23151, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Delaware, #13602, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, District of Columbia, #905987, 2010
  • Professional Engineer, Florida, #58874, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Georgia, #27979, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Hawaii, #12990, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Idaho, #12960, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Indiana, #910161, 1991
  • Professional Engineer, Iowa, #18637, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Kansas, #15208, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Louisiana, #33418, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Maine, #10095, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Maryland, #033140, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Massachusetts, #45822, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Michigan, #36253, 1990
  • Professional Engineer, Minnesota, #43510, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Missouri, #29612, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Montana, #18306, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Nebraska, #12824, 2009
  • Professional Engineer, Nevada, #19126, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, New Hampshire, #11417, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, New Jersey, #41428, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, New York, #80223, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, New Mexico, #18914, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, North Carolina, #23826, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, North Dakota, #6119, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Ohio, #62564, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Oklahoma, #21600, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Oregon #69163PE, 2001
  • Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania, #054120-E, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Rhode Island, 9582, 2011
  • Professional Engineer, South Carolina, #26057, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, South Dakota, #7787, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Tennessee, #112617, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Texas, #84126, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Utah, #6796063-2203, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Vermont, #73284, 2010
  • Professional Engineer, Virginia #33140, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Washington, #41135, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, West Virginia, #13843, 1991
  • Professional Engineer, Wisconsin, #35496, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Wyoming, #11960, 2008
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency ATC-20, #EQ0046

Professional History

2002 to Present

Zeyn B. Uzman, PE; Malvern, Pennsylvania/Springfield, Illinois

Sole proprietor specializing in structural engineering services for small building and bridge projects in various states.

Work has also included forensic investigations of existing steel, concrete, masonry and timber structures.  These investigations have been performed for insurance companies, realtors and law firms for court cases.  Examples of these investigations include:

  1. Inspection and reports for cracks in basement walls of existing residences.
  2. Investigation and report for column failure in a factory in Scranton, PA
  3. Investigation and testifying on poor welding on a truck frame for a manufacturer in Illinois.

Engineering projects include the following:

  1. Timber and steel pedestrian and vehicular bridges utilizing AASHTO Standard Specifications and LRFD Specifications.  Bridges located in various states and designed to meet local standards.
    1. Kosinski Bridge Project, Port Charlotte, Florida – Three span timber Glulam vehicular bridge with sidewalk.  3 spans at 51’-0” concrete pile supported substructure.  LRFD Design
    2. Laurel Canyon Vehicular Bridge, Canton Georgia – Nine span curved timber vehicular bridge supported on timber pile bents and concrete abutments.
    3. Woodbridge Crossing, Smyrna, Georgia – Single span timber glulam vehicular bridge with timber cover supported on concrete abutments.  24 foot wide bridge spanning 60 foot.
    4. Apache Trail Vehicular Covered Bridge, Wayland, MA – 5 span timber vehicular bridge with cover supported on timber piles.
  2. Timber and steel picnic shelters and pool slides for a manufacturer based in Oregon.
  3. Aluminum sight enclosures for roof top air conditioning units.
  4. Post and foundation design for tall advertising signs throughout the United States.
  5. Steel and concrete building structures.
  6. Design of a foundation system for a testing facility for Schramm, Inc. in West Chester, PA.  Project included design of a testing block for a 500 kip uplift load.

2011 to Present

VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY; Villanova, Pennsylvania
Position:  Adjunct Professor

The spring semester class is a senior design project in the Civil Engineering Department.  The class is asked to design a single span plate girder bridge utilizing AASHTO design specifications and the local design requirement.

The fall semester class is a graduate level course on Bridge Design.  This class reviews the basics of bridge design utilizing the AASHTO Specifications
2002 to 2004

Position: Local Bridge Liaison Engineer/ Special Projects Engineer

Responsible for the inspection and load rating for bridges on the Local Roads system in Illinois.  500 bridges inspected and rated in 2002.  Supervised two engineering technicians.

Additionally, involved in the development of design policies based on the new LRFD Design Code for bridges.  Presented those results at a CECI Bridge Seminar.  Aided in the review of research for AASHTO task forces for the bureau.

Also involved in the review of consultant design plans and the preparation of contract plans for local agencies.

Involved in special research projects for the Bureau of Bridges and Structures.
1990 to 2001

RICE, BERRY AND UZMAN; Springfield, Illinois
Position:  Principal/Chief Structural Engineer

Responsible for all structural engineering project including marketing, plan review, staff assignments and contract negotiations.  Also responsible for the operations of the Springfield and Carbondale offices.

Responsible for the design and project management for building projects within the firm.  These projects include water treatment plants and various steel and concrete structures.

  1. Design and plan preparation for a maintenance facility for the City of Springfield, Illinois Department of Public Works.
  2. Preparation of structural plans for a reinforced concrete grandstand structure at the Illinois State Fair Grounds. (Illinois Madigan Award Winner)
  3. Contract plan development for the rehabilitation and addition to the New Albany, Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  4. Contract plan development for additions to the Dyer, Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  5. Inspection and plan development for the repairs to the Hammond, Indiana Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  6. Design of foundation system for 300 ton press for Corningware in Clinton, Illinois

Responsible for the review of all major bridge projects in the firm.  These structures include pedestrian tunnels, steel and concrete bridges and rehabilitation of existing structures.

  1. Design and plan preparation of a bicycle underpass under St. Mary’s Road in Lake Co., Illinois
  2. Preparation of plans and specifications for a sound wall, pedestrian underpasses and sign trusses associated with the Illinois Route 64 rehabilitation in DuPage County, Illinois.
  3. Preparation of plans and specifications for a 1,000 foot long x 25 foot high retaining wall along Algonquin Road in McHenry County, Illinois.  Wall was originally designed as a soldier pile wall, then changed to a soil nail retaining wall by the contractor.  Responsible for design of original wall and review of revised wall plans and concept submitted by contractor.
  4. Preparation of plans and specifications for a curved plate girder bridge over the Fox River in Kendall County, Illinois.  (Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois Award Winner)

Responsible for the review and preparation of project reports, plans and specifications for various roadway and bridge projects funded with federal and local funds for county and municipal agencies throughout Illinois.
1989 – 1990

OZYURT ENGINEERS, INC.; Springfield, Illinois
Position:  Project Manager

Responsible for the preliminary and final design of various bridge and roadway projects, including Illinois Department of Transportation structures.  Duties include reviewing all projects before final submittal and supervising the work of all engineers and projects in the firm.
1986 – 1988

COLLINS and RICE, INC.; Springfield, Illinois
Position:  Project Engineer

Responsible for the design of various steel and concrete structures.  Also responsible for estimating construction costs, writing special provisions and observing construction of the project.

Bridge projects include load factor and service load design of multi-span plate girders, curved and straight wide flange beams and precast prestressed deck and I beams.
1984 – 1985

Position:  Design Engineer

Worked in the Bureau of Bridges and Structures designing various concrete and steel structures.  Also worked in the computer section where I developed software for design of bridges for the mainframe, and analyzed complex structures utilizing STRUDL.


  • Member–National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
  • Past-President/Member– Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE)
  • Chapter President/Member – Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE)


  • “Simplified AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design Girder Live Load Distribution in Illinois”; Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 6, November/December 2004, pp. 606-613