5 Benefits of Structural Engineers When Buying a New Home

Turn to structural engineers before you buy a home.

Structural engineers can provide a home inspection.

Buying a home can be an exciting time in your life, but if you aren’t careful, you could end up with more than you bargained for. A residential structural inspection is an important part of the process to ensure the home you are about to buy will provide the long use you need with as little maintenance as possible. While many people get a simple home inspection, a home buying structural engineer inspection may be a useful asset as well.

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What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

Evaluate the structure of a home with the help of a structural engineer.

A structural engineer can evaluate the structure of a home.

Everywhere you look, you see the work of a structural engineering company. In general, a structural engineer is responsible for every building and structure created, ensuring every project is structurally sound and a feasible design for the desired results. But many people wonder just what a structural engineer does. After all, don’t architects create the homes and other buildings in which we live and work?

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Residential Structural Engineering

Differential settlement

Differential settlement

After a building has been constructed, some settlement is quite normal. Differential settlement, however, is when a building’s piers or foundation settles unequally. Differential settlement can result in damage to the structure, and is therefore, of concern.

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flooding home

When should you hire a structural engineer?

Structural engineers are licensed professionals who are trained to analyze the factors that exert force, such as gravity, wind, temperature and pressure, upon a building and to make the call about whether or not the structure can hold up and resist those forces.

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A truss is a structure composed of straight members forming a rigid framework. The basic components of a truss consist of a top chord, a bottom chord, and web members, see Figure 1 below. The web members can be vertical or diagonal, usually a combination of both. More info

Solar Panels

Southwest solar hotspots

2013 was another record year for the U.S. solar industry. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there was a 41% increase in solar installation levels in 2013 over 2012.  More info

Residential Structural Engineering

Hurricane retrofitting your property

Hurricane Retrofitting

Almost all areas of the country are subject to high winds, so it’s important to ensure that your home and property can withstand a high-wind storm no matter where you live, but especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. More info