Structural Engineer

Educational Facilities

BE Structural’ s team works with building designers, building owners and facility engineers to achieve optimal solutions for educational facilities.. Our clients include private universities, public school districts and contractors who provide modular construction classrooms for schools. We are licensed in every U.S. state except Alaska.

New Construction:

We offer schematic design consultation, structural engineering analysis, foundation design and construction document review for new facilities. BE Structural employs field engineers in various states that can assist with onsite monitoring inspections once construction is underway. BE Structural’ s team has unique project experience designing and engineering ancillary structures such as tornado shelters, safe rooms and modular classroom options for educational facilities.

Existing Construction/Building Failures:

If a building failure occurs, our field experts can perform forensic assessments to identify structural deficiency. At BE Structural, we are parents first. We understand the gravity of what can happen when schools are not engineered properly. Our team is committed to protecting life, safety and building serviceability for teachers, students and school staff.

We offer due diligence assessments to evaluate any one of the following conditions:

  1. Water infiltration issues
  2. Building Envelope/Flashing failures
  3. Design flaws
  4. Foundation failures
  5. Roof system deficiencies
  6. Modular design/construction defects

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