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Healthcare Facilities

BE Structural has considerable experience in health care facilities design and engineering, as well as providing medical equipment installation consultation through structural analysis. Our health care construction team works to ensure health care buildings and other medical facilities and equipment are safe for staff and patients.

BE Structural works with medical product installers and manufacturers to ensure that their equipment is being supported sufficiently and installed safely. BE Structural checks the structural capacity of the support connections to the superstructure and then checks the superstructure for the additional, intended load.

BE Structural is licensed for medical building construction and medical building design in 49 states within the U.S. (all but Alaska). This unique licensing capability allows BE Structural to better serve those medical equipment companies installing products in multiple states. We offer a one stop shop for review and structural engineering stamps. We will take the time to understand our clients' products and to improve their equipment design and installation process.

Medical equipment services:
  • Patient lift engineering
  • MRI and X-ray machine installs
  • Operating room lighting
  • Diagnostic equipment installs
Engineering services for medical office buildings:
  • Structural site investigation of existing construction
  • Custom engineering designed to meet unique industry needs

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