Forensic Engineering


BE Structural has considerable experience designing and providing engineering services for industrial facilities, as well as providing equipment installation consultation through structural analysis. BE Structural has experience working on scrap yard shredders, water treatment plants, conveyor belt service tunnels, shipping pier, pedestrian bridges and more.

From new construction to additions to feasibility studies to structural analysis for installation of mechanical equipment, we have the experience required for your project. We offer a one stop shop for review and structural engineering stamps.

Racking Systems

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor for a manufacturer, BE can analyze your new racking design, reinforcements or relocation of an existing system to ensure state specific code compliance and safety requirements are met. Calculations packages are delivered with each analysis. Our professionally licensed engineers provide stamping and sealing of projects in the lower 48 states as well as Hawaii. Learn more>>

Mezzanine Design

BE Structural works with mezzanine manufacturers and distributors to provide engineering review, mark ups and state specific stamping and sealing services. Some manufacturers contract with BE Structural to perform value engineering services which improves efficiency while cutting the overall costs of their fabrication. Learn more>>

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