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Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor for a manufacturer, BE can analyze your new racking design, reinforcements or relocation of an existing system to ensure state specific code compliance and safety requirements are met. Calculations packages are delivered with each analysis.

Our professionally licensed engineers provide stamping and sealing of projects in the lower 48 states as well as Hawaii.

BE Structural assists the manufacturing industry in a variety of ways.   Engineering design and review of warehouse storage solutions are among them. Roll formed selective pallet racking systems are designed to maximize the storage of materials on pallets or skids. Palletized materials of all types are then stored in horizontal rows and typically have multiple levels which often requires a fork lift to hoist and place the pallets. These racks are designed with the ability to customize the space of each rack. This allows flexibility for storage materials that vary in size. Structural racking systems do more than just provide storage. They also provide support through their columns for the roof of the building. These are often bolted systems with greater load capacity. Both are frequently used in retail, warehouse and distribution. Warehouse storage solutions come in many varieties.

They include but are not limited to:

  • Structural Pallet Rack Systems
  • Selective Pallet Rack Systems
  • Drive In / Drive Through
  • Flow & Pushback Racks
  • Cantilevered

BE Structural currently provides engineering design and review services for racking system clients in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas and even International clients from Germany and Mexico.