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30 years’ experience with track record of rapid project turnaround to meet clients’ time constraints. Licensed in 49 states and five provinces in Canada. Clients range from corporations to engineering firms to state agencies and municipalities and include Google, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Trump Enterprises, Disney World, Augusta National Golf Course, Wendy’s, State DOTs, counties, and cities. Knowledgeable of construction feasibility, how to structure a project, project ramifications on multiple disciplines, International Building Code, and AASHTO Bridge Design Code. Versatile and efficient with reputation for adaptability and impeccable quality.

  • Former two-time president, Illinois Society of Professional Engineers.
  • Past national director, National Society of Professional Engineers.
  • Turn around projects in 24 to 48 hours compared to industry standard 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Achieve overall cost reduction average of 10% less than clients’ projections.
  • ISPE Engineer of the Year Award.

Projects include: bridge design, inspection, load ratings, and rehabilitation; commercial and industrial building design, inspection, and rehabilitation, and miscellaneous projects, including wastewater treatment plants, shelters, foundations, press foundations, retaining walls, multi-story slides, and seismic anchor calculations; and forensic investigation of structural failures.

Materials include: steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, fiberglass, recycled plastic.


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  • Credits toward Ph.D. in Engineering, Villanova University. 2006 to 2009.
  • M.S.E. in Civil Engineering, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan. 1983.
  • B.S.E. in Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Michigan. 1982.


  • Structural Engineer, Illinois, #4745, 1988
  • Professional Engineer, Illinois, #43255, 1986
  • Professional Engineer, Alabama, #28973, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Arkansas, 14126, 2010
  • Professional Engineer, Arizona, #37789, 2001
  • Professional Engineer, California, #68563, 2005
  • Professional Engineer, Colorado, #32718, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Connecticut, #23151, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Delaware, #13602, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Florida, #58874, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Georgia, #27979, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Hawaii, #12990, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Idaho, #12960, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Indiana, #910161, 1991
  • Professional Engineer, Iowa, #18637, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Kansas, #15208, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Kentucky, #16576, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Louisiana, #33418, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Maine, #10095, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Maryland, #033140, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Massachusetts, #45822, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Michigan, #36253, 1990
  • Professional Engineer, Minnesota, #43510, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Mississippi, #18260, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Missouri, #29612, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Montana, #18306, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Nebraska, #12824, 2009
  • Professional Engineer, Nevada, #19126, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, New Hampshire, #11417, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, New Jersey, #41428, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, New York, #80223, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, New Mexico, #18914, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, North Carolina, #23826, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, North Dakota, #6119, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Ohio, #62564, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Oklahoma, #21600, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, Oregon #69163PE, 2001
  • Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania, #054120-E, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, South Carolina, #26057, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, South Dakota, #7787, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Tennessee, #112617, 2008
  • Professional Engineer, Texas, #84126, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Utah, #6796063-2203, 2007
  • Professional Engineer, Virginia #33140, 1998
  • Professional Engineer, Washington, #41135, 2004
  • Professional Engineer, West Virginia, #13843, 1991
  • Professional Engineer, Wisconsin, #35496, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, Wyoming, #11960, 2008


  • Zeyn B. Uzman, P.E., S.E., P.Eng, F. NSPE, Malvern, PA & Springfield IL. 2002 to Present.
    Sole Proprietor—Provide structural engineering consulting nationwide.
    Representative Projects:

    • State of Illinois – Conceived, designed, and oversaw construction of 5,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose arena in less than two years.
    • Multiple New England states & Michigan – Designed and built 10+ arch bridges using patented carbon fiber reinforced plastic arches.
    • Google – Designed 2nd floor to lobby slide for Google corporate HQ.
    • Masters Golf Tournament – Transportable, high-quality pavilions for multi-year use.
    • Schramm Drilling Rigs – A 20 ft. x 25 ft. x 18 ft. concrete block to withstand 750,000 lbs.
    • Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, Bangor, MA – Composite arch bridge foundations and structures using glass fiber reinforced carbon tubes filled with concrete.
    • Bridge Builders, Franklin, NC – Timber vehicular and pedestrian bridges.
    • Brown and Roberts, Harrisburg, IL – Bridges and structures for this consulting engineering firm.
    • Cityscapes International, Hilliard, OH – Fiberglass and aluminum sight screens for roof top mechanical units.
    • Delta Industrial, Chesterfield, MI – Foundations and shoring used during construction for an industrial press equipment installation contractor.
    • DFI Bridge Corporation, Palm Beach, FL – Timber vehicular and pedestrian bridges for Disneyworld.
    • ENC Group, Richboro, PA – Design all structures for this consulting engineering firm.
    • Global Chem-feed Solutions, Philadelphia, PA – Seismic design of the attachment to the structures for a contractor that installs chemical feed equipment for various applications.
    • The Original Lincoln Logs, Chestertown, NY – Design all log cabin structures.
    • National Sign Systems, Hilliard, OH – Sign support structures for a manufacturer of building mounted and
      freestanding sign structures.
    • Natural Structures, Baker City, OR – Picnic shelters and pool slides.
    • Trotter and Associates, St. Charles, IL – All structures for a consulting engineering firm specializing in wastewater and water treatment facilities.
    • Watson Bowman Acme, Inc., Amherst, NY – Design modular expansion joints for a manufacturer of bridge expansion joints. 
    • York Bridge Concepts, Lutz, FL – Timber vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

Villanova University, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Villanova, PA. 2010 to present.
Adjunct Professor
—Teach graduate-level Bridge Design and undergraduate Senior Capstone design.

Momentum Dynamics, Malvern, PA. 2009-Present.
Partner/COO—Start-up firm developing wireless recharging of electric vehicles.

Developed the method for attaching the ground unit to pavement (patent pending).

Catania Engineering Associates, Folsom, PA. 2006 to Present. Senior Structural Engineer—Design bridges and buildings.

RPS Engineering, Inc., Elgin, IL. 2009 to 2015.
Chief Engineer—Design aluminum tank covers for wastewater facilities.

Fehr Graham Associates, Freeport, IL. 2004 to 2014.
Senior Structural Engineer —Structural design for non-bridge structures.

Springfield Metro Sanitary District, Springfield, IL. 2004 to 2006.
District Engineer—Oversaw all engineering sewer and capital improvement projects on time and on budget.

Illinois Department of Transportation, Springfield IL. 2002 to 2004 & 1984 to 1985.
Senior Structural Engineer (2004 to 2006)—Developed standards for the new LRFD Illinois Specifications. Collaborated on new AASHTO code provision research and Bureau of Bridges and Structures research projects.

Local Bridge Liaison Engineer (2002 to 2003)— Led inspection and load ratings for 500 bridges for IL Local Roads System. Developed design policies based on LRFD Design Code for bridges.

Design Engineer (1984 to 1985)

Rice, Berry & Uzman, Springfield IL. 1993 to 2001.
Principal/Chief Structural Engineer—Oversaw structural engineering projects—bridges, buildings, maintenance facility, underpasses, sound walls and retaining walls—for the Springfield and Carbondale offices.

  • Illinois Madigan Award Winner for structural plans for a reinforced concrete grandstand at the Illinois State
  • Prepared plans and specification for 1,000 ft. long x 25 ft. high soil nail constructed retaining wall.

Tenney Pavoni Associates, Inc., Springfield IL. 1990 to 1993.
Associate—Responsible for wastewater treatment facilities and KY and IL DOT bridge projects.

Ozyurt Engineers, Inc., Springfield IL. 1989 to 1990.
Project Manager—Preliminary and final design of bridge and roadway projects.

Collins & Rice, Inc., Springfield, IL. 1986 to 1989.
Project Engineer—Designed various steel and concrete structures.

Technology: Proficient in AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, ENERCALC