Consider the use of floating glass structures.

Floating glass structures are the latest trend.

Being able to work in a building with a great view keeps employees relaxed and happy. That’s exactly what’s happening with the emerging trend of floating glass structures. These buildings appear to float on water since they include stacked floors on top of stone. What’s impressive about this variety of glass structure is the stone’s ability to prevent flooding, in most cases, and provide a sturdy base, making it seem like you’re on land. What else makes floating glass buildings attractive today? Here are some of the main advantages.

Can Be Structured to Fit Any Business Needs

When designing floating glass buildings, structural engineers conduct interviews with the employer and employees to understand their needs. If a company needs small, quiet offices and labs, these rooms can be positioned on the outside edges of the building. Not only will the noise level be reduced, but the calming effect of the views and natural light will create a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Strategically Placed to Take Advantage of Natural Light

A good structural engineering company can place and position a glass building in the perfect spot for collecting natural light, no matter the time of day. To do this, the company must first spend days studying the effects of light on the building in order to maximize the light. In some cases, artificial light is completely unnecessary. Some glass even has the ability to dim and fade slightly so the sun won’t shine in as sharply and cause a distraction to the work environment.

Blend in With Other Buildings

When you’re in floating glass structures, you may still feel like you’re in a high-rise office building. However, you have the ability to look out on the horizon to see the urban area! Structural engineers have the skills to make a glass building look similar to other buildings in the area. The only difference is the view from the inside looks much more appealing and can actually create a more active and peaceful work environment.

At BE Structural, our structural engineers can design glass buildings for companies just as easily as standard structures. If you have any interest in the different ways to structure glass for your office building, contact us. We can help you take advantage of the natural light in your area and create a work environment that’s second-to-none!