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How We're Different

Any time a client brings us a non-traditional engineering opportunity, we must consider their value proposition and how we can meet their needs without compromising life and safety. This is especially true for the entertainment industry. At BE Structural, our team believes in making our clients’ products safer and more accessible while at the same time, more exciting for their customers.  We welcome the challenge.

We take on these projects because we love amusement parks, water slides and trampolines. We are athletes, thrill seekers and extreme sport weekend warriors who are passionate about staying ahead of the curve and engineering outside the box.

We are not afraid to take on unique projects. We use out of the box solutions to help our clients nationwide. Our project portfolio extends well beyond traditional construction and engineering services. We believe in sustainable design and are proud to service the solar, wind and green construction industries. In addition to structural engineering, our team of consultants can assist with electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering.

Structural Glass and Facades

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Rock Climbing Walls/Indoor Fitness Equipment

We design climbing structures specifically fit for your facility, and our engineers can sign off on design calculations, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your climbing facility will be both great fun and completely safe. Learn more>>

Trampoline Parks

We design trampoline structures specifically fit for your facility, and also make certain you are compliant in your design and meeting all of the new safety standards. Learn more>>


Many sculptures and art installations are feats of modern engineering. Whether you’re an artist or the owner of a building or outdoor area looking to incorporate a sculpture or art installation into your space, the engineers at BE Structural have experience determining the load required by a piece of art. Learn more>>