Shade Structures

generic-image-placeholderFrom carports to playgrounds, patios to walkways, pool areas and more, BE Structural can provide both residential and commercial customers with structural design, engineering and inspection services for shade structures. Our engineers are able to design a structure that is part of your initial building design, or one that is an addition on an existing building. We design shade structures specifically fit for your needs and space, and our engineers can sign off on design calculations, so that you can be confidant in the knowledge that your structure will be completely safe.

Our services include, but are not limited to, protective covers, awnings, pool cabanas, smoking shelters, motorsports awnings, playground shade structures, patio covers, mobile marketing hospitality tents, military tents, portable shelters, car shelters, beach cabanas, park shade structures, exterior sun control devices, emergency tents, walkway canopy covers, courtyard canopies, play field structures, ornamental entrance canopies and window coverings.

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