Many sculptures and art installations are feats of modern engineering. Whether you’re an artist or the owner of a building or outdoor area looking to incorporate a sculpture or art installation into your space, the engineers at BE Structural have experience determining the load required by a piece of art. Our engineers can sign off on design calculations, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your sculpture or art installation will have the support it requires. We’ll work with the artist to ensure the integrity of the structural system while at the same time letting it complement the artwork, rather than get in the way of things.

BE Structural can provide structural analysis, foundation design and anchorage calculations, connection details and construction drawings for a wide variety of art and sculpture commissions. We are able to offer complete consulting and design services for a wide variety of building materials.

Fisherman sculpture


Credit: Jeff Jackson

Crystal Galaxy


Credit: Jeff Jackson



Dragon float


Fluttering Forest


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