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Custom Renovations

From an addition, to a deck design, to your dream kitchen, at BE Structural we customize our services to meet your custom renovation needs. Unlike other home renovation companies, our engineering staff has the experience and expertise to guide our customers through the entire renovation engineering design process. We will meet with our clients to gain an understanding of their goals and objectives with regards to aesthetics, budget, size, functionality and schedule.  We will then develop a customized, engineered solution for each project.

Our custom home renovation design process

Concept Sketches: During this first phase, we will work with the building owner to develop a concept and sketch of the renovation project.  This initial drawing will help to plan dimensions, structural framing and constructability.

Pre-Design:  During the pre-design phase, sometimes identified as the “schematic design phase,” we will consider the possible design problems, existing conditions, site issues, planning issues, etc.  We will attempt to gather information about the potential project and identify any possible road blocks.  This will ensure a smooth delivery of our next steps, design development and construction documents.

Design Development: At this phase, the project begins to take shape. As required, structural systems are finalized, mechanical requirements are defined, façade and interior elements are specified, and we are on our way to construction documents. We have now identified potential construction costs and material specifications for the owner (client) and estimators to evaluate.

Construction Documents At this phase, we are ready to present our client with working, permit-ready drawings.  This phase represents 75% completion of the total project.  Technical specifications are finalized in this phase, and we, as prime consultants to the building owner, present our customized renovation solution.

Construction Administration During this final phase, we can assist the building owner in executing our final design plan. We can perform the due diligence necessary to select the appropriate contractor for completion of the work.  We can also perform weekly building inspections to ensure that the renovation is moving along per our specifications.

Our special features help you visualize your custom renovation. Our design team will work with you to create the plans for your renovation with special features that fit your lifestyle.

We will provide our complete home renovation clients with

  • Working drawings
  • Elevations
  • Cross sections
  • 3D rendering of your project
  • Optional, additional service: Itemized list of all construction materials. The material list can be used to provide an opinion of probable construction cost and construction schedule.

Quality control of home renovation services

A periodic construction inspection can be provided to insure your project is constructed to the highest standard and according to the plans and specifications.

If you’re looking to start your complete home renovations for your dream home, fill out the form to the right to start a discussion with one of our renovation design professionals. You can also call us at 1 (866) 682-2693 or email We complete custom home renovations in 49 states excluding Alaska.

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