Solar Panels on Barns

In some cases, it makes more sense to install solar panels on an agricultural building, such as a barn, instead of on the rooftop of a home. These rooftop solar panels are a good option if your home’s roof is too small or has insufficient sun-facing surface area, if the complex design of your home’s room makes it more expensive or even impossible to install a solar panel system, or if you don’t like the look of solar panels on your home’s roof.

Additionally, for barns in remote areas where electricity doesn’t reach, solar power can be a better choice than paying a utility to provide the infrastructure necessary to supply power from the grid.

BE Structural can verify that your desired panel layout and that the brand/type of panel that you have chosen will work on the roof of your barn. Roof systems are not usually designed for the weight of solar energy systems or for the foot traffic that agricultural solar installation and maintenance brings. Our structural engineers will make sure that your barn roof can handle the load and lift of the panels and will recommend reinforcements, if necessary. The engineer will also check that the mounting system chosen is capable of withstanding the wind uplift loads in your area. He or she may recommend extra mounting hooks to provide extra support.

Homeowners’ associations may require proof that the installation will not cause any glare issues for neighboring homes. If this is the case, BE Structural can assist with glare studies to determine whether or not the panels have the potential to affect neighboring residents. These studies will compare the projected elevations of the reflected rays to the elevations of the neighboring homes. We can also complete any necessary shade studies and feasibility studies before beginning your solar system installation.

By taking these proper precautions, you can ensure that your solar panels are correctly installed on your barn roof, minimizing future issues and money pits. You’ll be on your way to gaining some independence from your utility company and minimizing your greenhouse gas emissions.

If you’re considering installing solar panels to power your agribusiness or to reduce your reliance on the grid, fill out the form on the right to start a conversation with our engineers, or call us at 1(866) 682-2693 or send us an email at info@bestructural.com. We can complete solar panel installations in all 49 states except Alaska.