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Services for our commercial solar clients:

Structural Assessment and Roof Certifications:

BE Structural’s engineers have experience and training in providing structural assessment for businesses planning to install rooftop solar panels. Learn more >>

Electrical Engineering:

BE Structural’s electrical engineers have experience creating the layout and design of electrical systems for commercial rooftop solar panel systems. Our engineers will take your solar installer’s CAD files and overlay an electrical design that works with your plan. Learn more >>

Ground Mounted Systems:

Most people assume that all solar energy panels go on the roof. That’s the most common place for solar panels, but it’s not the only place. In some cases, it makes more sense to install them on the ground.  Learn more >>

Solar Canopies:

Solar canopies can be used for parking lots, walkways, bus stops, patio covers, pool awnings and other commercial overhead applications. Learn more >>

Solar Skids:

Solar skids are designed and engineered with mobility in mind. Our engineers have experience doing structural analysis of skid mounted solar power systems.  Learn more >>