steel structural designStructural steel design can be incorporated into a variety of projects. There are numerous ways to include structural engineering and steel in a stunning, efficient manner. Some of the most popular ways is to include steel in mezzanine and staircase design.

The Basics of Steel Structural Design

In the most fundamental sense, structural steel members can be fastened, erected, secure, and braced together to form a framework for almost any structure. Certain structural design requires beams and grinders to support loads from the roof or floor. Steel structural design can also be used in wall bearing constructions and long span jobs.

Mezzanine Design

Mezzanine design is another way to incorporate steel into your plans. Steel is useful when engineering a mezzanine because of the load requirements. Every mezzanine will offer different challenges and capacity requirements. This is where steel is the perfect choice.

In structural design, you need to consider the dead and live loads that will put weight on the area. Dead loads include permanent items built on the mezzanine, like walls, an overlay, and more. Live loads include people walking, pallet jacks and more. Also, one should note that live loads can be divided into two categories: point loads and uniformly distributed loads.

While we only cover the basics of steel structural design for mezzanines here, the complexity of these structures requires experienced engineers. Safety can be a huge concern if every significant detail is not taken into consideration. It’s vital to consider the application of the structural steel mezzanine when designing the area.

Staircase Design

Often underutilized, steel staircase design has seen a rise in recent years. Due to the structural properties of the metal, steel can create slim and elegant metal stairs that hold up over time. The metal is sustainable and recyclable. Many people are initially turned off by the thought of steel staircases, but the right detailing and styling often lead to stunning stairs that become the focal point of the space.

Steel is not an inexpensive material, but it certainly isn’t the most costly. And with the numerous options from a styling and finishing standpoint, most love the versatility metal offers. Popular steel staircase designs include spiral staircases and helical designs.

In commercial settings, structural steel staircase designs can often add a hip, urban feel to a space or a sleek, modern feel to your building. Steel can also give an industrial vibe if that’s the look you’re going for. The beauty of the metal, again, comes from its versatility.

Steel Structural Design & Your Building

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