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Glass and Aluminum Greenhouse

Location: Multiple Locations

Description/SOW: Design of new glass and aluminum greenhouse. The greenhouse is framed with custom shaped ridged frames, with purlins spanning between the frames to support the glass. Our services included the design and analysis the glass, roof framing, wall framing and frame connections.

Glass and Stainless-Steel Guardrail

Location: Alexandria Virginia

Description/SOW: A new glass and stainless-steel guardrails for new metro station with height ranging from 4ft tall to 10ft tall. The guardrails are framed with stainless steel rectangular post spaced at 4 feet on center, with patch fittings to secure the glass panels into place. Our services included the design and analysis the glass, stainless steel posts, and connections

Glass Skylight

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Description/SOW: A new 8ft by 2ft glass and stainless-steel skylight for a new residential home. The skylight is framed with stainless steel rectangular members, with silicone sealant to secure the glass panels into place. Our services included the design and analysis of the glass, stainless steel frame, and connections.


As the Engineer of Record, we provided the structural engineering and design for a 22 ft. x 52 ft. tension rod supported glass wall, the door portal frames, and door jambs.  This project is located on the Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY.

K St NW, Washington D.C.

We provided structural engineering services and were the Engineer of Record for two 16ft tall by 17ft wide glass vestibules and one (1) transom lite on K St NW in Washington DC.

Northrup Street Bridgewater, Connecticut
Mandalay Lane Aspen, Colorado
Cherry Bottom Road Gahanna, Ohio

We analyzed and designed glass greenhouses which varied in size according to the project. The greenhouse components are manufactured in the United Kingdom and assembled at the project address in the U.S. The shape of the greenhouse components were all custom and the material of all the components were aluminum 6063-T6. Prior to analyzing the green house including the aluminum frames and supporting members, we had to calculate the physical and geometrical properties of the custom shapes of the greenhouse components. Once we had all the properties, we created a 3-d computer model of the greenhouse and applied loading in accordance to the required local jurisdiction. Since the parts for the greenhouse were manufactured in UK, we needed to confirm that these components met the requirements of the local jurisdictional authority and their version of the International Building Code. We checked the stresses on the glass and custom shaped components to make sure they were under allowable stress of the materials and then checked the lateral stability of the greenhouse.

Glass Staircase Engineered Design Project: Paist Road Doylestown, Pennsylvania

We analyzed and designed a custom glass stair system. The unique and challenging aspect of this project was that the stair components such as treads, guard walls, support walls were all glass and all of the connections were glass to glass. The connections used were CR Laurence products and we needed to provide details for custom brackets and components for the connections to work at some locations. All of the glass treads, support walls and guard walls were analyzed by creating a 3D computer model and applying loading in accordance to the IBC and ASCE handrail loadings. The glass stress had to be manually checked for the force imparted by the connectors. The CR Laurence connectors had to be checked and where they did not work, we provided details with custom connections.

Interior Office Glass Partition Project: Woodward Ave Detroit, Michigan

We analyzed an interior glass wall system which was ½” and ¾” thick depending on the location of the wall.

We checked the glass walls in accordance with code requirement.

The glass wall system had to resist 5psf horizontal load in accordance to IBC 2015.

We had to specify mall clips according to the ASCE as the deflections for the glass walls were found to exceed code allowable deflection.

We analyzed the CR Laurence connectors which connects the glass to the side lites and doors.

We worked closely with our client, the glass designer and installer, to obtain the needed CR Laurence properties for checking the stresses of the CR Laurence products.

Structural Glass Flooring Projects

Kenas Road North Wales, PA 19454

We analyzed a glass flooring system made up of 3 lites of glass (3/8” Top layer with PVB interlayer, ½” middle layer with PVB and 1/2” bottom layer). We checked the glass floor system with dead load and live load of 100 psf according to the IBC for yards and terraces, pedestrians. The stresses of the glass were checked against allowable glass stress.

Apartment on Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, New York

We analyzed a glass flooring system made up of 2-ply of glass (1/2” Top layer with PVB interlayer and 3/9” bottom layer). We checked the glass floor system with dead load and live load of 40 Psf according to the IBC for residential floor system. We engineered and designed the perimeter and intermediate support beams. The floor system was to be placed in the opening in the apartment and supported by the building super-structure (W beams).

11/2015: Flower Farm, CT

We worked with a custom solarium/ greenhouse firm to check their calculations and design against U.S standards for the state of Connecticut.  Their manufacturer is located in the U.K. and all of their calculations were done per the U.K building code.  We ran our own analysis, calculations, etc to prepare the green house for U.S. building code requirements.

12/2015: Glass Paver and Panel System, CA

We reviewed and checked calculations for a glass paver and panel system being installed in various pedestrian bridges and sidewalks in Los Angeles, CA.  We stamped for city wide product approval.

1/2016: Surface Glass Specification & Product Approval Report review, CA

We reviewed and stamped a manufactured glass panel specification in an engineering report completed by a German manufacturer.  We checked calculations again CA building code/ASTM/GANA standard for manufactured glass.

Water Park Enclosure at Spirit of the Smokies Condominium Lodge Parkway, Pigeon Forge Tennessee

We analyzed and detailed the structure for a North Carolina based solar company. The pool enclosure was approximately 6500 ft.² with a clear span of 66 feet with aluminum rigid frames serving as mullions and support for structural glass panel walls and polycarbonate roof panels. We designed the gable end rigid and rafter frame and the main rafter frame as well as the longitudinal lateral bracing. We reinforced the gusset design at the ridge and knee of the aluminum frame with internal gussets and aluminum rivets. We engineered the design of the aluminum purlins between primary aluminum frames.