Everything You Should Know About Living Roofs

The time is now. It’s time to install a living roof on location. Environmentally friendly living has never been easier.  Blue or green, if Facebook can install a living forest rooftop, so can you! One of the newest architectural trends of late, living roofs have taken corporate America by storm and have become exceptionally popular with many organizations.

What Is a Living Roof?

If you don’t know what a living roof is, don’t worry. A living roof is simply a building that is fully or partially covered by vegetation that’s planted over a membrane used to waterproof the building. Many living roofs also contain additional layers like root barriers, drainage systems and irrigation systems.

Living roofs are also referred to as green roofs. Another form of living roof is known as a blue roof. These roofs don’t feature vegetation but do offer the building a place to collect and store water. Blue roofs can be passive or active in these attempts to gather water.

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