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The Various Ways Forensic Engineering Works

Forensic engineering comes in many different forms. Forensic engineering services are most often needed in order to determine why a building or structure failed. However, they can also be used in electrical engineering cases, power plant explosions and other types of investigations. A structural forensic engineer will never see the same case twice in their career, so there are many different ways they have to work in order to get to the root of the issue to determine fault.

Bridge Collapses

When a bridge collapses or starts deteriorating, you can guarantee expert witness services will be on the scene very shortly afterward. It’s important for these experts to get to the scene as soon as possible to look for any signs or clues of why the bridge failed. The failure could have been the result of a natural disaster that compromised the integrity of the bridge, or it could have been because of a design or construction malfunction from prior years.

Commercial Building Failures

Commercial buildings are investigated in a similar way as bridge collapses. However, with more people potentially in a commercial building at the time it could collapse, it’s even more important for forensic engineering services to find the cause.

A structural forensic engineer can be used in court to explain their expert opinion and what they saw when they visited the scene. Many times, their expert witness services can help solve a case and determine who is at fault. Unfortunately, injury, property damage and death and occur at the scene of commercial building failures. That’s why the importance of a structural forensic engineer is unmatched.

Forensic Engineers Get to the Root of the Problem

The main objective of any structural forensic engineer is to determine exactly what happened to cause the building or structure to collapse. Their job isn’t to convict anyone of wrongdoing. Instead, they present the facts as they see them. Many times, they have to re-create the entire story from the time the building was built until the time it collapsed. That’s exactly how they are able to solve a potential mystery.

At BE Structural, we have a team of structural forensic engineers ready to investigate any building or structural failure. We’ve provided expert witness services for these types of cases for many years, so feel free to contact us if you’re in the need of any of our quality services.

BE Structural expert witness services

Why You Shouldn’t Confuse Forensic Engineering With Other Types of Forensics

When most people hear the word “forensics,” they think of crime scene investigators trying to piece together evidence to solve a crime. While that is a true assumption in most cases, there are other types of forensics as well. Forensic engineers deal with investigating why a particular building or structure failed. The main goal of all forensic analysts is to get to the bottom of a particular issue, but they go about their jobs in different ways and shouldn’t be confused with one another.

Crime Lab Analysts vs. Forensic Engineers

A crime lab analyst may be directly involved in a legal proceeding in order to convict someone of a crime. A forensic engineer, however, is tasked with reconstructing a situation in which a structure failed, so evidence can be provided in a potential court proceeding. Both types of forensics are aided by expert witness services and other factors to help come to a conclusion.

Differences in Responsibilities

When it comes to building failures, many times an engineering expert witness is required to determine who is at fault for the failure that caused damage or injury. For crime lab analysts, a forensic expert witness may be used to provide a testimony as to what they saw that could have led to the potential crime happening. Crime lab analysts also may not even be involved directly in investigating the crimes. Instead, they just analyze the data and information given to them by the investigators in order to come up with conclusions.

Forensic engineers, on the other hand, are directly involved in the details. They provide their expert witness services to help put together the story of how a building failure occurred. In other words, they find the details themselves in order to determine how or why a structural failure happened and who is at fault.

Work Environments and Employers

Forensic engineers typically visit the scene of an accident personally to try to recreate exactly what happened. Many times these people are independent consultants, but can also be employed by law enforcement agencies. Crime lab analysts work primarily for law enforcement agencies and rarely visit the scene of a crime.

At BE Structural, our forensic engineers are out at the scene of an accident and are experienced in providing expert witness services in order to re-create a story exactly as it occurred. If you’re ever in need of forensic expert witness services to help with your building failure case, be sure to contact us.