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Slurry Tank Engineering 101

slurry-tanks-bestructuralStructural engineers understand their job is an exact science. Even the smallest mistake can be costly. In an industry where perfection is expected, some contracts require more risk, and thus – detail. One such job is slurry tank engineering. If done incorrectly, these apparatuses can kill.

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Post Tensioned Concrete Tanks for Wastewater Treatment and Storage

Post tensioned water tanks are becoming increasingly popular with respect to urban planning, largely due to their sturdy design and increased functionality. Their design allows them to serve a community for decades and more with little chance of leakage. Not only are they beneficial to the environment, they are also more economical than other types of wastewater storage and provide far more versatility. Read on to learn why post tensioned concrete tanks may be the best wastewater storage solution in the industry.

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