Structural Analysis and Repairs

After 11 years, a crack opened up in the exterior wall of our house. Prior to purchasing our home, we were told that there had been foundation settlement issue that had been repaired, and was stable. This crack extended the entire height of my two story home. After calling a local contractor, my wife and I were very quickly overwhelmed with the proposed solution, and the cost of the proposed solution. Homeowners insurance was of no help. Without an understanding of this concern, I found myself at the mercy of contractors, and was receiving a great deal of conflicting, confusing, and stress inducing information. This is when we found BE Structural online, and decided to pay for a structural engineering assessment. Through the process, Brenda at BE Structural was there to answer questions, provide guidance, and support. We were very pleased with the Engineer who came onsite, who spent a great deal of time studying the issue, and answering all of our questions.