For decades, and even today, dome homes sound like a futuristic construction you might expect to see only in a sci-fi novel. However, the truth is they’re very much real, and you can even commission one to be built for your own use as we speak! While most people may be familiar with the concept of dome homes, they haven’t given much thought to the reasons they’re built and the benefits they hold. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll provide you with a crash course in everything you need to know about these marvelous structures and why it’s worth considering living in one.

Where Did Dome Homes Come From?

Experts trace the origin of the dome home as far back as the 1960s, when environmentalism was just beginning to impact our culture and affect the way we wanted to live. Originally, dome home plans came about as a type of rebellion against the typical “white picket fence” structure that still pervades today’s home designs.

People wanted to make a statement that they themselves didn’t desire suburbian life, and they were different from previous generations. The dome home became appealing because of its structure, not just because of its differences from the norm, but because of their accommodative capacity and ability to be built without nearly as many resources.

Are Dome Homes Beneficial?

According to structural engineers and many other professionals, dome homes offer quite a wide range of benefits to their owners and the environment. Should you decide to acquire a dome home of your own, you can expect to experience or contribute to these advantages:

  • Affordability. When you compare a dome home to the average suburban home, you’ll find the cost to build and maintain the former is largely reduced. This holds true across the board. They don’t require as much energy to power, leading to lower utility bills. They also don’t use nearly as many materials during the construction process, and can be built to completion at a much faster rate. If you want to move somewhere relatively quickly, but desire autonomy and long-term savings, a dome home may be your best bet.
  • Flexibility. There are countless ways you can put together your dome home! They’re naturally spacious and have the capacity to store quite a bit of belongings and amenities. If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ll enjoy the ability to easily recreate your surroundings in any way you please, even if it means tearing down a wall or two to expand a room. The good news is renovations can be made quite easily, and dome homes do not have or need the framing walls you see on the inside of traditional homes.
  • Sturdiness. Dome home builders design their structures to be as safe as possible throughout any situation. Simply put, they’re hard to topple! If you choose to live somewhere especially prone to natural disasters, you can rest assured knowing your dome home will stay standing in the event of even the worst weather. Compare this to the average home!

If you’re sold on dome homes, you don’t have to wait to have one built! Contact us and we can not only give you more information, but help you start planning your own dome home as soon as possible.